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National Center for Field Consultation: About Us

The Child Welfare League of America's National Center for Field Consultation (NCFC) provides comprehensive, practical, management-focused consultation and technical assistance to public- and private-sector human service organizations within the context and supportive of CWLA's Mission and Vision. NCFC is dedicated to strengthening the basic capacity of organizations and community systems to provide safety and permanency for abused and neglected children. Last year alone, NCFC fielded more than 390 requests from 49 states, 9 Canadian provinces, and a number of foreign countries.

NCFC customizes all consultation services based upon the unique needs of individual organizations. Believing that consultation is best approached as a collaborative process, NCFC works directly with an agency's staff, administrators, and/or board members to develop creative and effective approaches to practice improvement, service delivery, administration, and leadership.

With an overarching goal of helping organizations achieve excellence, NCFC promotes the safety, permanence, and well-being of children and their families by assisting, promoting, and supporting human service organizations, their partners, and communities in
  • understanding the needs of children and families and the systems and communities that serve them;

  • developing effective strategies and tools to address these needs;

  • designing and implementing system, organizational, and practice improvements;

  • increasing the capacity of organizations and communities to carry out the work of child welfare;

  • anticipating and addressing future challenges and opportunities for children, their families, and those who serve them;

  • assessing organizational capacities and implementing organizational improvements; and

  • developing effective quality improvement systems.

Core Values of Our Work

  • Respect
    We provide a climate that fosters respect for our colleagues, our clients, their communities, and ourselves. We respect and value differences in style, culture, and perspectives.

  • Integrity
    When we give our word, we strive to honor it under all circumstances. We deliver what we say we will, when we say we will, to our colleagues and to our clients. We are ethical, trustworthy, and accountable.

  • Competence
    We constantly work to improve our knowledge and skills to better meet the needs of our clients and to fulfill our purpose and the mission of CWLA. We learn from our colleagues and our clients and seek out other opportunities for professional growth.

  • Teamwork
    We work in partnership with our CWLA colleagues, along with the organizations and communities we serve. We seek to develop alliances among organizational and community stakeholders, believing that protecting children is everybody's business.

  • Developmental Approach
    We believe in the ability of people and systems to change. In our work, we teach skills, build on existing strengths, advocate for resources, and encourage community development. We strive to leave organizations with an enhanced capacity to apply new techniques and knowledge.

  • Outcome Orientation
    The goal of our work is positive outcomes for children, families, organizations, and communities. We produce products and results. Our project plans and internal operational plans include clear outcomes to guide our work.
NCFC staff consultants, based throughout the country to provide assistance to agencies and communities nationwide, have extensive experience working in both public and private child-serving organizations. Their skills and knowledge have been developed through years of experience as direct-service social workers, administrators and CEOs, planners, and researchers. Center staff are skilled at communication, group facilitation, planning, program administration, evaluation and assessment, research design, and analysis. They regularly draw upon CWLA's professional development and training, public policy, program, research, and library resources to stay abreast of practice innovations, legislative changes, and promising program and management models. In addition, NCFC staff maintain a list of experienced contract consultants who are also used to provide services.

NCFC can provide consultation in a number of different areas including: Types of Requests - 2002
Number of Requests by Region - 2002

Types of Requests - 2001
Number of Requests for Consultation - 2001


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