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Private Agency Accreditation Support Services

CWLA's National Center for Field Consultation (NCFC) offers a basic COA readiness assessment as well as additional services to help agencies pursuing COA Accreditation. In addition to the basic assessment, which serves as the foundation for providing an accurate readiness assessment, additional readiness assessment services are offered for agencies seeking a more in-depth assessment.

Basic COA Readiness Assessment

The basic assessment is a two-step process:
  1. The agency's senior management completes role-specific questionnaires and provides requested material to the NCFC consultant at least four weeks prior to a visit. Agencies should allow themselves four weeks to receive, complete and return the questionnaires.

  2. An NCFC consultant arrives on-site for two days to conduct a set of interviews with the senior staff that completed the pre-site questionnaires. The consultant prepares a handwritten on-site report that will be reviewed at the exit interview the afternoon of day two.

Optional Readiness Assessment Services

Facilities Review: For an agency that wants to include a facilities review (strongly recommended for shelters, camps, residential, child care, other out-of-home care facilities and day treatment programs) one additional half day allows for reviewing one facility beyond the primary offices. Additional time will be required if an agency has multiple facilities they want reviewed. A facilities review includes a physical facility review and limited staff interviews.

Case Review: Some agencies find it helpful to have a review of current case files. This requires one additional consultant day on-site. This additional time permits a review of a sample of cases representative of all services offered. If an agency wants additional cases reviewed, then additional time would be required.

Service Review: If an agency wants a program-specific review including a review of case records, review of program procedures and interviews with program staff, this requires two days per service being reviewed per site.

Formal Report of Readiness: If an agency wants a formal written report in addition to the on-site exit report one additional day of consultation is required.

Additional Service

In addition, NCFC offers a range of content specific consultations as well as design-customized consultations to best meet an agency's needs. The following is a partial list of content-specific consultations NCFC is frequently asked to provide:
  • Introduction to the COA Process (half or full day)

  • Role of the Board in Accreditation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Outcomes Development/ Management

  • Cultural Competency Assessment and Planning

  • Program Design & Procedures Development Consultation

  • Case Review and Documentation Protocols

  • Development of Personnel Functions including interview protocols, evaluation systems, and design of training systems

  • Policy Development

  • Risk Management

  • Development of CQI system
For optional and additional assessment services the costs are determined by the scope of the work.

Cooperative COA Training

NCFC can also provide consultation, technical assistance, and/or training regarding accreditation for groups of agencies in a specific area. For more information contact the NCFC Intake and Project Development Manager at 978/365-5068 or e-mail

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