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Workshop Session E and Public/Private Forum

E1 From Client to Professional: Parent Advocates' Secret to Success

Explore the compelling and effective work that CFR Parent Advocates perform with parents involved with the child welfare system. Parent Advocates are individuals whose life experience enables them to inspire and motivate parents while they plan for their children's futures by improving their own.
Presenters: Jill Cohen, Social Work Supervisor, Robin Lyde, Parent Advocate, and Maura Keating, Litigation Supervisor, The Center for Family Representation, Inc., New York, NY

E2 Developing Caregiver Competencies: Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Learn about the resources developed through an innovative, federally funded grant to employ distance-learning technology to increase foster parents' access to high-quality training. Participants will become familiar with the project that uses distance-learning technologies to allow foster parents to take advantage of asynchronous instruction to build skills, meet continuing education requirements for relicensure, or complete a professional development sequence in a specialized area. This session will feature a demonstration of how one of nine modules of the Foster PRIDE Core Curriculum can be accessed and used via the Internet, CD-ROM, and video, with accompanying written resources.
Presenter: Michael Polowy, Professional Development Specialist, Governors State University/CWLA, Amherst, NY

E3 Major Improvement for Kids and Families in Nebraska

This workshop will explore a significant change in service provision in Nebraska, its impact on families, and the lessons learned from the first six months.
Presenters: Judy Kay, Chief Operating Officer, and Lisa Blunt, Director of Therapy and Support, Child Saving Institute, Omaha, NE; Katie McLeese Stephenson, Chief Operating Officer, and Marti Beard, Director of Service Delivery, Cedars, Lincoln, NE; and Todd Reckling, Policy Section Administrator, Child and Family Services, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Lincoln, NE

E4 Expanding Horizons: Cultural Competence Across Borders

The need to be culturally aware and competent while working across international borders will be highlighted in this session. The focus will be on child welfare issues that include a transnational or international component.
Presenters: Julie Gilbert-Rosicky, Executive Director, ISS-USA, Baltimore, MD; and Felicity Sackville Northcott, Director, The Arthur C. Helton Institute, Baltimore, MD

E5 Transforming Troubled Children into Tomorrow's Heroes: Application of an Evidence-Supported Trauma Therapy in Child Welfare

Therapists can apply principles of resilience along with the metaphor of the hero's journey to engage children, families, and practitioners to use components of evidence-supported therapies in child welfare agencies. This approach is illustrated with Real Life Heroes, an attachment-centered treatment model for traumatic stress and the "Essential Elements for a Trauma-Informed Child Welfare System" outlined by the Child Welfare Workgroup of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.
Presenter: Richard Kagan, Director of Psychological Services, Parsons Child and Family Center, Albany, NY

E6 Impact of Co-occurring Developmental and Emotional Disorders on Children and Youth

This presentation will focus on effective strategies for financing and providing services for children and youth with co-occurring developmental disabilities and emotional disorders, with the goal of attaining needed services and preventing institutionalization through community services system integration. Along with effective strategies for financing and service and system integration, a brief overview will highlight current challenges, new Medicaid options, strategies for achieving needed infrastructure changes, and recommendations for closing gaps in services. Participants will have the opportunity to identify their state's current system coordination challenges and develop recommended action steps. At least 45 minutes of the session will be used to develop a “take away” action plan.
Presenters: Ron Hendler, Technical Director, Division of Advocacy & Special Initiatives, Disabled & Elderly Health Programs Group, CMS-Center for Medicaid & State Operations, Baltimore, MD; Eileen Elias, Senior Policy Advisor for Mental Health & Disability, JBS International, Inc., North Bethesda, MD; and Diane M. Jacobstein, Research Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Clinical Psychologist/Senior Policy Associate, National TA Center for Children's Mental Health, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

E7 Development of a Comprehensive Worker Safety Program

Worker safety is a critical issue in child welfare today. This workshop will provide a framework for developing a comprehensive worker safety program. While emphasizing worker safety, this workshop also provides tools for developing facility safety and risk management programs.
Presenter: Deb Downing, Assistant Director, Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services, Dayton, OH

E8 Wall Street to Main Street: An Economic Crisis in Child Welfare

Executive Leaders of today and tomorrow will want to participate in this public-private forum. The discussion will focus on strategic issues to be addressed in the context of the economic crisis. Topics for discussion will include collaboration on an advocacy agenda, implementation of the Fostering Healthy Connections legislation, use of technology to advance practice, and addressing the challenges of disproportionality. The session will continue after the closing luncheon, for CWLA members only.
Facilitator: Christine James-Brown, President & CEO, CWLA Presenters: Patricia Wilson, Commissioner, KY; Marketa Gautreau, Assistant Commissioner, LA; and other leaders TBA.

E9 Protecting America's Future Through Family-Based Treatment

This workshop will discuss the positive outcomes of familybased treatments and integration of children's services. Learn how using the evidence-based curriculum Celebrating Families! fosters the development of addiction-free individuals and families, and get a hands-on experience of how the Real Care Baby II is used for parenting education and child abuse prevention.
Presenters: Bakahia Madison, Clinical Director, and Diane Mariani, Program Manager of Women and Children's Services, Haymarket Center, Chicago, IL

E10 Implementing Trauma-Informed System Change

As agencies and states move to become more trauma-informed, a key area to be addressed is the secondary trauma that staff at all levels of the agency experience. The workforce crisis is showing that something different needs to be done to effectively address the impact of secondary trauma. This session will highlight what is being done by state child welfare agencies across the country as well as an exciting new approach being piloted in NYC ACS in partnership with Mount Sinai as part of their NCTSN grant, which has had positive impact on their workforce.
Presenter: Julie Collins, Director, Practice Excellence, CWLA, Arlington, VA; and other presenters TBA.

E11 Examining the New Juvenile Justice Legislation

Proposed legislation in the Senate would reauthorize the Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Prevention Act (JJDPA), which has provided states and localities with federal standards and supports for improving juvenile justice and delinquency prevention practices and contributed to safeguards for youth, families, and communities for more than 30 years. This workshop will address the history and current statutory language regarding systems integration, status offenders, and other major provisions to provide context for our nation's current approach to intervening on behalf of these youth in the juvenile justice system. Participants will consider major elements in the bill, its implications for young people, and the deinstitutionalization of status offenders core requirement. Presenters will discuss characteristics of the population; provide practices and programs that effectively serve the needs of youth and their families; and challenge participants to contribute to innovative thinking for child welfare and juvenile justice partnerships—public and private—to ensure commitment to practice and policy approaches informed by evidence of positive outcomes on behalf of this population.
Presenters: John A. Tuell, Director, Child Welfare-Juvenile Justice Systems Integration Initiative, and Tim Briceland-Betts, Codirector of Government Affairs, CWLA, Arlington, VA

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Public/Private Forum

Wall Street to Main Street: An Economic Crisis in Child Welfare

CWLA is pleased to convene a public-private forum that will provide an opportunity for a "both sides of the aisle" discussion regarding the challenges and strategic issues to be addressed in the child welfare community during this economic crisis. A facilitated panel comprised of leaders from state, county, and private nonprofit child welfare agencies and associations will kick-off an open discussion in a secure environment on how best to collaborate on messaging, advocacy, and better outcomes. The forum will begin during Workshop Session E and continue after the closing luncheon, from 2:30 - 5:00 p.m. The post-luncheon session is exclusively for CWLA members.

Facilitator : Christine James-Brown, President and CEO, CWLA
Presenters: Marketa Gautreau, Assistant Commissioner, LA; Patricia Wilson, Commissioner, KY; and other leaders TBA.

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