Child Welfare League of America

CWLA Standards Roundtable Discussion

For over 70 years, CWLA's standards have played a national role in shaping quality child welfare practice. They have been a foundation tool for improving the national child welfare system, guiding policymakers, practitioners, advocates, and the broader public. They also serve as a resource for people in other fields who are concerned with the care and protection of children. They are widely accepted as the foundation for sound child welfare practice, providing goals for the continuing improvement of services to children and their families.

CWLA is embarking on a process to review and update existing standards based on current research and best practices and develop new standards to reflect emerging trends in the field. As we begin this process, we invite you to come to this thoughtprovoking discussion on CWLA standards and share your recommendations for how we should be updating, organizing, and creating standards as we move forward. Perhaps you already use the standards and have recommendations for updating them, or perhaps you have come across an area of practice that requires standards you would like us to develop. All ideas are welcome!

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