Child Welfare League of America

Box Lunch in Regional Caucuses

Your Regional Caucuses!

It's all about the White House Conference! CWLA is calling on Congress and the President to hold a White House Conference on Children and Youth. Attend your region's caucus to hear more about this bold endeavor! This is a great opportunity to network with your state and region over lunch regarding federal policy and advocacy. Each region will hold informational caucuses to prepare you to head for the Hill to discuss issues of concern to child welfare practitioners with your members of Congress. Each regional caucus will start with a general briefing, and then you will meet with your specific state. State leaders will brief you on important issues, provide you with written materials targeted to your members of Congress, and coordinate the Senate appointments for your state delegation. Put on your Advocacy Day button, carry the message for children, and show your political leaders how much you care. Members of Congress need to hear what their votes will mean for the children, youth, and families in your state and local community. Tell Congress to make children a national priority, and make your voice heard during Advocacy Day 2009! Box lunches will be provided in the caucus meeting rooms. You must participate to receive a lunch.

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