Budget Due On Tuesday

President Obama will release his final budget on Tuesday for the Fiscal Year 2017. The budget year begins on October 1.  The overall spending caps for domestic and defense spending have been set as part of last year’s budget deal but that does not mean that the Administration and their Congressional counterparts won’t try and find savings or revenue to [...]

Stabenow/Blunt Bill Would Expand Demos On Mental Health Parity

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) are introducing new legislation likely this week, the Excellence in Mental Health Act.  The bill that would fully fund 24 states that qualified for a planning grant to create parity between community mental health services and physical health services.  The bill is a follow up to an earlier version that was [...]

Senate Committee Looks at Heroin, Prevention, Interdiction, Treatment

On Wednesday, January 27, the Senate Judiciary Committee focused on heroin and the prescription drug abuse issue during a hearing labeled, “Attacking America’s Epidemic of Heroin and Prescription Drug Abuse”   As noted previously, the President in his State of the Union address singled out the drug use issue as one area both parties could work together on. This week the [...]

Addressing Heroin/Prescription Drug Problem Offer Bipartisan Angle  

In his January 12, State of The Union address President Obama shied away from a list of specific policy proposals but he did single out a few areas including the drug use issue that is starting to rattle the foster care numbers. President Obama said, "Helping people who are battling prescription drug abuse and heroin abuse” was one of the [...]

White House Highlights Efforts On Substance Abuse

Late last week the White House circulated an announcement highlighting Administration’s efforts to address the opioid epidemic in 2015. It is a topic that is certain to get greater focus in the February budget and possibly in the State of the Union address. In their highlights they listed the FY 2016 budget requests, some of which received increases. It is [...]

Congress Has Slow Start To Year

With just the House in session last week,  Congress conducted limited business. The most significant action was the House passage of a reconciliation bill that had been carried over from last year.  The reconciliation bill (HR 3762) used the fast-track legislative authority to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and defund Planned Parenthood.  The legislation had originally come from the [...]

2016 Budget Is Final

On Tuesday night Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WS) announced a final budget deal that wraps up appropriations for the rest of fiscal year 2016.  The House approved the package in parts with approval of the appropriations, the final piece, coming on Friday.  The Senate wasted no time in voting later that day to approve the combined two parts of the deal. [...]

Discussion: The Elephant in the Room Substance Use & Child Welfare

On Thursday, December 3, Capitol Hill was the location for a briefing on Substance Use Treatment: A Core Component of Child Welfare Reform, the briefing entitled the Elephant in the Room discussed the roll that substance abuse is and has been playing in child welfare and foster care in particular.  CWLA was one of the several cosponsors of the briefing [...]

Reconciliation Repeals ACA/Planned Parenthood Funding, House Now

The House is expected to re-approve a reconciliation bill that guts the ACA and cuts Planned Parenthood funding this week.  The Senate redesigned an earlier House version in an effort to attract enough Republican Senators.  The bill passed the Senate on Thursday by a vote of 52 to 47.  Two Republican Senators (Kirk R-IL, and Collins R-ME) voted no due [...]

AYPF Takes Extensive Look At Effective Approaches on Foster Medication

On Friday, November 20 the American Youth Policy Forum sponsored a Capitol Hill briefing on the topic of How Research Evidence Informs Foster Youth Medication Policies. The panel discussion included an examination of definitions, usage and oversight of psychotropic and other medications for youth and children in foster care. The discussion reached beyond the numbers into an examination of the [...]