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Shout Out To CWLA Members Making A Difference

CWLA members were part of the masses that flooded Capitol Hill with calls and outreach in the past several weeks but especially last week.  Earlier this month, CWLA sent a letter to Capitol Hill opposing the American Health Care Act. In the letter,  CWLA President and CEO Chris James-Brown pointed out the importance of expanded

CWLA Members Head To Hill Post ACA Debate

On Wednesday, CWLA members will begin to gather in Washington DC for the annual CWLA National Conference.  The Conference located within walking distance of the Capitol Hill dome will allow the approximately 500 registrants to make their voices heard right during the intense debates on health care, budgets and other controversies. As part of the

President and Speaker Pull Plug on American Health Care Act

On Friday afternoon President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WS) pulled the American Health Care Act from a floor to prevent a vote that would have ended in defeat.  The loss came after a tumultuous week of changes to the bill just a few days earlier. Essentially Ryan could not come up with a

Researchers Discuss Increased White Mortality Rates

On Thursday, March 23, two Princeton University researchers and economists expanded on their recent work on what appears to be a real trend of increased mortality rates among some lower income, less-than-college educated white populations. The findings were discussed at the Brookings Institute. The paper Mortality and morbidity in the 21st century by Anne Case

Senate Aging Committee Focuses on Opioid Addiction

On Tuesday, March 21, the Senate Special Committee on Aging, held a re-scheduled hearing on, Grandparents to the Rescue: Raising Grandchildren in the Opioid Crisis and Beyond. Committee Chairperson Susan Collins (R-ME) opened the hearing by pointing out that in her state of Maine nearly 1,000 or eight percent of all births – were born

Administration Budget Heavy On Cuts And Criticism

The President’s proposed budget for discretionary spending for 2018 landed with a crash as it includes dramatic cuts across agencies and departments as a way to pay for increases to the Pentagon. The proposal was released on Thursday, March16 and applies to the discretionary portion of federal spending with the rest to be published with

CWLA Sends Letter Opposing Health Care Proposal

On Tuesday, March 14, CWLA sent a letter to Capitol Hill opposing the American Health Care Act. Citing the new Congressional Budget Office analysis, in the letter, CWLA President and CEO Chris James-Brown points out the importance of expanded mental health and substance abuse services saying, “The availability of health care coverage through the Affordable

CBO Tells Congress 52 Million Uninsured by 2026 and Much More

Late Monday, March 13, The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its required analysis of the American Health Care Act concluding that it would both reduce the number of people with health insurance while cutting health care costs to the federal government. The analysis determined that 14 million people would become uninsured next year (2018), 21

Home Visiting Hearing Positive About MIECHV

On Wednesday, March 15, the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Resources held a hearing and took the first step toward a reauthorization of the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program.  Members from both sides seemed positive in their assessment of the program they were also well informed on how the

House Health Bills Move From Committees

The House Ways and Means Committee followed by the House Commerce and Energy Committee moved their parts of Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WS) health plan on Thursday, March 9.  The Ways and Means Committee gave final approval to their part of the bill on Thursday morning around 2:00 AM.  Later that early afternoon the Energy and