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Voters said Take a hike! - and He Does!

Former Alabama Governor's press secretary makes good on his quip to Hike the AT benefiting CWLA

NEWS FLASH: Building on their commitment to children, Moo and 42 welcomed boy/girl twins in December of 2004. Mom, Dad, and babies are doing well. Visit often for updates!
           See the newest members of the family (2/28/05)

Updates from the Trail! (7/6/03)

The Appalachian Trail MONTGOMERY, AL - When Alabama voters told Gov. Don Siegelman and his staff to take a hike in 2002, his press secretary decided to take them literally. When asked what he would do now that he was out of a job, Mike Kanarick (bio) half-jokingly replied, "Hike the AT." Later, he figured Why not? and traded the failed campaign trail for the famed Appalachian Trail. And while there is publicity surrounding this trek, it’s not about politics, it is about a good cause. Kanarick hopes that attention brought to his hike will help raise awareness and funds for the Child Welfare League of America.

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Joined on the hike by his wife Liz Kleinberg (bio), a Montgomery lawyer, the young couple chose to honor the CWLA, an association of more than 1,100 public and private nonprofit agencies,
for their work assisting over 9 million children reported as abused and neglected and their families each year. Recognized as the nation's oldest and largest membership-based child welfare organization, the CWLA and its member agencies offer help including programs for children suffering from separation and stress caused by terrorism and war.

"At a time when this country is so focused on our security and our economic future, it is reaffirming to know that Mike and Liz are willing to remind us that perhaps our highest priority needs to remain the safety of our children," said Shay Bilchik, president of the CWLA. "Their insightful commitment demonstrates the importance of this issue."

Kanarick and Kleinberg are gathering sponsorships for the 2,000-mile hike, that began Monday, March 24 from Amicalola Falls in Georgia and is expected to last until they reach Mt. Katahdin in Maine this October. Former Governor Siegelman was the first to donate to the cause. Those wanting to sponsor by pledging a few cents or more per mile to the Child Welfare League, or follow their adventure can do so here. "I am proud and delighted that Mike and Liz have decided to lend a hand to children as part of their adventure," Siegelman said. "Their commitment shows how every one of us, whether a public official or a private citizen, can make a difference in the lives of children."

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