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Group Survey Project on Finance Reform: A Voice for Frontline Workers

CWLA is seeking firsthand input on the strengths and weakness of the child welfare system to help inform our position on child welfare finance reform. This group survey will capture the rich expertise of frontline workers and supervisors who direct the process of furthering children's safety, permanence and well-being. It is intended to assess the subjective sense of workers on the state of the child welfare system. It is not an organizational or individual evaluation.

To participate in the group survey, send an email to to schedule a survey for frontline workers at your agency. Once a date is selected, you will follow these simple steps to participate:
  • A registration link will be provided to distribute to interested participants at your agency. Each participant will need to register for the survey at least a day in advance of the scheduled time.
  • Following the registration link will take you to a webpage where you will be asked to provide basic demographic information.
  • Once you have successfully registered by completing the preliminary questions, you will receive an email with instructions for joining the teleconference at the time you selected. That email will also include an option to save a reminder to your Outlook calendar.
When the designated time for which you registered arrives, you will follow the link included in the confirmation email to log into the teleconference. (You can find the same link in the outlook reminder or one of the reminder emails.) The teleconference format will include survey questions and a discussion that is completed through conference call and webinar technology. The teleconference is scheduled to take one hour. You will need access to your own computer, a stable internet connection, and a phone to participate.
  • We will provide a brief introduction to the teleconference technology and CWLA's government affairs role, particularly as it relates to federal financing reform of the child welfare system.
  • Questions will be asked orally, with ample opportunity for clarification, feedback, and nuanced comment.
  • Survey answers will be submitted individually, with immediate aggregated results revealed to guide additional conversation.
Your feedback will inform a policy document for federal policymakers containing the perspective of frontline workers and supervisors. This document will be posted on our website and provided by email, at your request. To receive the document directly or to follow-up for any reason, contact Suzanne Ayer, CWLA Government Affairs Associate at 202-688-4178 or

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing your perspective!

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