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Preliminary Sequestration Chart for Selected Federal Programs

Program Amount sequestrable, in millions Sequester % Sequester Amount
SSBG (mandatory appropriation) 1,785 7.60% 136
CCDBG (discretionary appropriation) 2,278 8.20% 187
Child and Families Services Programs (discretionary) 9,908 (*24) 8.20% 812
TANF (mandatory) 26 (*16,713) 7.60% 2
Payments for Foster Care and Permanency (mandatory) 4 (*6,909) 7.60% **
Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (mandatory) 400 7.60% 30
Pregnancy Assistance Fund (mandatory) 25 7.60% 2
Juvenile Justice Programs (discretionary) 254 8.20% 21
WIC (discretionary) 6,618 8.20% 543

SSBG- The Social Services Block Grant is a mandatory appropriation that funds grants to states to provide an array of services to children, youth and families.

CCDBG- The Child Care and Development Block Grant provides child care assistance to low-income families and provides critical funds to states to help them improve the quality of child care.

The Child and Family Services Program, housed under the Administration for Children and Families, include various mandatory and discretionary funding streams. Some of the federal funds spent under the program's authority are exempt from sequestration cuts, while others like Child Welfare Services, Promoting Safe and Stable Families, Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, Adoption Incentives, and Adoption Opportunities are not (and are included in the amount referenced in the chart above).

TANF- Temporary Assistance for Needy Families a mandatory program, while exempt in large part, includes a small sequestrable amount, resulting in approximately $2 million in cuts for FY 2013.

Payments for Foster Care and Permanency- While this mandatory program is largely exempt as well, there is a small amount that is sequestrable, but the amount for FY 2013 comes out to less than $1 million total.

Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Programs- is a new mandatory program authorized under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to provide funds to States for evidence-based home visitation programs for low-income families.

Pregnancy Assistance Fund- Also authorized under the ACA, this program, administered by the Office of Adolescent Health, provides grants to states to support pregnant and parenting teens.

Juvenile Justice Programs- Under the Office of Justice Programs, these programs include discretionary funding to states to assist with the reduction of youth delinquency and juvenile justice system improvement. This program includes a mix of exempt and sequestrable funding streams.

WIC- The Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infant, and Children includes a mix of mandatory (less than $1 million) and discretionary appropriations, both of which are sequestrable.

* denotes exempt amount
** denotes amount less than $1 million

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